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XRM Contact Center

The branch solution for automated contact center based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

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XRM Contact Center
XRM Contact Center

And your phone so able?

  • Call window pops up on the screen when the operator has an incoming call, providing the customer with the necessary information from the CRM-systems
  • The ability to use robots autoresponders that can build a dialogue with the subscriber when the mass outbound campaigns, as well as the reception and routing of incoming calls
  • The system recognizes the customer's voice in keywords, phrases, according to which should be pre-configured dialog script
  • Each call is logged in the system are recorded every conversation and / or keyword phrases in both audio and text format for further analysis
  • The function allows you to read and articulate dynamically updated information, which may be as n internal resources and external, that is, Web sites, portals, etc.
  • The operator of the contact center system itself or in the automatic mode may appoint persons responsible for the tasks and activities that are formed as a result of calls to the contact center
  • The ability to predict the amount of work to calculate the operator's needs, wishes fix operators schedules
  • The ability to make outgoing campaigns to the maximum number of subscribers in the shortest possible time (from the invitation to the event to the city evacuation)
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