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Work with social networks Be aware of what is written about your company, products or services on social networks. Quickly respond to any surprises and effectively solve the problems with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Collecting data in social networks

Collecting data in social networks

Find out what customers really think about your company

Customize search themes: create a search topic and define the records that CRM will collect. Optimization of results if necessary, blocking unnecessary content, changing sources of data collection, and structuring the search topic by category.

Trend Definition: Rapid assessment of trend changes for records in various dimensions of social networks for the most popular sources, languages, authors.

Social Center: creating and distributing activity tapes showing the flow of recent records based on a specific set of data.

Synchronization of data: synchronization of social network records with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a basis for further analysis. The system registers the meaning of tonality, audience coverage, date and time of publication, the location of the entry and the author, as well as additional information about it.


Analysis, gadgets and filters

Analysis, gadgets and filters

Identify any problems and positive responses in the sources of social networks

Mini-applications for visualizing analytics and filters for a more detailed demonstration of how your customers are talking about your products and services.

Analysis of the discussions: which phrases are most often used when discussing your company, their number, sources, languages and key.

Analysis of record sources: which sources in social networks are most often found in your search topics.

Key tone analysis: viewing the key of discussions in social networks related to entries by search topics. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will determine the tonality as positive, negative or neutral, showing the volumes and sources of their receipt.

Authors' analysis: information about the authors of records that determine your feed in the social network Twitter. Biographies and interests of authors, the number of readers, the number of tweets and frequently used hashtags.

Analysis of records location: analysis of geographic position data contained in records or profiles of authors.

Action cards: create action maps to visualize entries with information about their actual geographical location, in order to know where in the world or country you are most discussed.


Interaction with users

Interaction with users

Interact with social network users from a single interface

Interaction on the records: carry out in the system the exchange of records on Facebook, mark "Like" and add comments, and create retweets of records with their addition to "favorites" and "responses to Twitter entries."

Personal communication: answer in a personal conversation on behalf of one of your social profiles directly from CRM. If necessary, it is configured to collect data directly from private messages.

Alert Center: create email notifications that are automatically sent to a group of recipients if the entry or trend change matches your filters or exceeds statistical expectations.