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XRM Loyalty

Based on the experience of implementing solutions for business process automation in the national retail chains and the SEC, we implement effective marketing management and loyalty programs in retail on the Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Dmitry Bohun CEO "SI BIS"

Company «SI BIS» expresses its gratitude to the specialists of the company "E-Consulting" for the implementation of the project on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform implementation. The XRM-decision in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform implements the scheme of functioning of the company, which fully meets the requirements of the modern organization of the client manager and leader-employee relationship.

XRM Loyalty
Goals system
  • 1 Formation of a differentiated approach Development of an effective system of interaction with customers, based on the analysis of the consumer basket and behavioral profile
  • 2 Sales promotion The introduction of point or permanent activities aimed at: - increase in the frequency of purchases - increase of average check - Optimization of residues - cost effectiveness - cross selling
  • 3 The effectiveness of marketing Forming omnichannel, personalized marketing communications with targeted messages. The ability to analyze conversions, the behavior of customers in the "offline" point of sale
  • 4 Competitive advantages of the service The possibility of developing the quality of customer service through the individualization of the loyalty program mechanic, integration with interactive services, personalization of services

In your outlet there is a cashier. A client comes to him. The cashier knocks out a check. The check goes to the cash register server.

The cash server makes a synchronous request to the billing about the check and the client. The server is responsible for the reward. Billing server in asynchronous mode connects to the CRM server and updates information about the check, the customer, the cashier, the product.

The Loyalty Program Manager changes the charging rules.

A billing site is also linked to your accounting or ERP program and receives from there data about the product and points.

Also, a contact center and a web server are connected to the CRM server. The web server also has a connection to mobile applications for the clients' smartphones.

The system is easily scalable and can be configured to serve both small and large retail networks and coalitions. The system can be installed in the settlement center of the trading network, or be leased through the Internet on the basis of regular fixed payments or transaction fees.

Powerful analytical platform

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