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XRM Banking

The branch solution developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for progressive techniques and banking institutions control technologies. Designed to automate management functions, such as: management of corporate business management of retail business development, the development of a regional network management, credit management, management of problem assets, contact center management and marketing, advertising and others.

Dmitry Bohun CEO "SI BIS"

Company «SI BIS» expresses its gratitude to the specialists of the company "E-Consulting" for the implementation of the project on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform implementation. The XRM-decision in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform implements the scheme of functioning of the company, which fully meets the requirements of the modern organization of the client manager and leader-employee relationship.

XRM Banking
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Ability to integrate with all systems (including ABS) provides a single interface for operations and a single customer profile for building relationships. The flexibility of the system enables gradual development, implementation along functional lines and module
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