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Mass outbound campaigns

The system allows you to configure different types of outgoing campaigns, the order and schedule of dialing, including, to manage the list of subscribers of the outgoing company - add, delete from the list by simple search or advanced with the help of the query designer; make any changes while the call generator is running. Based on the data from the call log, you can obtain an analytical snapshot of the effectiveness of the contact database and the expediency of choosing the type of outgoing telephone campaign

Mass outbound campaigns
Mass outbound campaigns



The aim of the generator is continuous work to identify the most appropriate customer number according to the established rules and create an attempt to dial it. The generator operates continuously, until the limit is over or until an effective call is made. In addition, it has a flexible management of the list of callers and the ability to make any changes during the operation of the generator.





Outgoing Call Schedule: allows you to specify up to 5 calendar numbers in ascending order, in which days the generator will create outgoing calls


Special mode by days of the week: for each type of phone, you can configure the use of a special mode by the days of the week, and for each selected day you can specify 2 time periods in which attempts will be generated.


Types of phones: for dialing, you can specify 4 types of phone numbers - "Worker", "Home", "Mobile" and "Additional" with the number of dialing attempts.


Types of numbers search:

- Consecutive accomplishment of all attempts for each of the numbers;
- One attempt to dial each number in a circle, then all attempts on the first, on the second, etc .;
- One attempt from each number in a circle;
- By calculating the predicted suitable dialing time of each specified number


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