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Development of omnicannality

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to combine all channels of interaction with customers and ensure the coordinated work on these channels in accordance with common accepted standards and technologies for organizing communication with customers. The result of using the solution is an equally high level of efficiency in the use of any channels of communication with customers.

Development of omnicannality


What is omnicannal?


Omnikanalnost is a multi-channel approach to sales, providing the client with a comprehensive buying experience. To build such an approach on the principles of integrity and consistency of user experience. The client can start the process of receiving the service through one channel (for example, in a store), continue in another way (write in social networks), and complete in the third (order online). When servicing the client, each step takes into account its actions and information in the previous stage. This avoids the answers to the same questions on the phone or in the questionnaire, and the transition from channel to channel becomes convenient and simple.


Omnikanalny approach takes into account every platform and device that the client uses to interact with your company. In the future, this knowledge is used to provide a comprehensive client experience. Companies use this approach to dock their messages, goals, landmarks and design for each channel and device. Your client gets access to all your products and services in the most convenient way for him, always staying in front of the company!

Communication channels
SMS сервис

SMS сервис

Our SMS solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is necessary for sending messages directly from the CRM system. The messages themselves are stored in the system as actions, so they can be viewed in the essence of the contact (or any other related entity).


• Your own gateway or contract for SMPP, HTML, SMTP

• Cheap or by the 7th alarm system

• Track delivery

• Ability to group by type of terminal,

Cyrillic, color, mms, video.

• Geo targeting

• Template editor

• Incoming SMS is converted into a Reply

• Budget control

• History in the customer card

• We have a robust InfoBip aggregator

E-mail service (Integration with MailChimp)

E-mail service (Integration with MailChimp)

• Flexible templates

• Nominal letters

• Inserting balance, dates

• Guaranteed delivery

• Wide analytics

• Send "from the person"

• Replies to "deliver to ..."

• Ability to vote

• Saving history

• Open Rate (OR) from 33% to 62%

• Click Rate (CR) from 6% to 16%



• An additional channel of communication with customers for sales, technical support or advice

• Improves the effectiveness of visited pages

• The AutoChange session collects information from which city the client came in, which search request it was transferred to your site

• Over time, the system will identify pages where dialogs are provided in fully automatic mode, without the involvement of operators

Calls from the site

Calls from the site

• The client makes a call from the AutoChat window with a single click

• To start communication, the client does not need to be registered anywhere

• Connection works correctly in all web browsers

• Call can be directed to the operator in the window or on any mobile or landline phone

• The operator can simultaneously communicate with voice and chat

• Web-calls can be transferred between operators

• Automatic distribution of incoming calls to operators is provided

• Configurable call switching to PBX by SIP

• Call forwarding to a mobile or fixed phone number

• High level of reliability and security assurance, session encryption

Mobile app

Mobile app

• Personal clients' rooms, integrated with the XRM® Loyalty system, to track the accrued bonuses on the loyalty system and the list of active marketing actions

• Personal actions, discounts, personal notifications; Order of gifts

• System for conducting customer questioning, customer voting

• The system of authentication and protection of personal data of the Customer's customers (login and password, change of lost, authentication, blocking, unlocking)

• Integration of the function of the letter from the site and the order from the site; viewing the history of purchases and rewards, a notebook for the shopping list, a social button for informing friends

• Replace the card with a barcode on the phone screen

• Configuring templates and reports

Push Hub notifications to mobile platforms

Push Hub notifications to mobile platforms

Works for all types of mobile platforms:

• Windows Phone 8, 8.1

• iOS device

• Also for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android

• Android device (AVD)

• Kindle application

• Cloud sending Baidu (China)

• Chrome Apps

• Safari Applications


Communication via Internet messengers

Communication via Internet messengers

Module settings allow you to store client status in Microsoft Dynamics 365, to which Viber, Whats App, Telegram they were detected by users and how long the last successful delivery of the message took place


✔ Reducing the cost of SMS delivery

✔ The module intercepts the sending queue of SMS messages, checks each recipient whether it is in Viber, Whats Ap, Telegram

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