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Loyalty Program Rules Designer

The rule builder in the XRM Loyalty solution allows you to simultaneously implement several different loyalty programs and charge discounts, gifts or bonus points on them. The tool provides an opportunity not only to build a system of customer retention / development, but also to apply flexible mechanics of sales promotion.

Loyalty Program Rules Designer
Types of rewards supported by the system
Loyalty Program Rules Designer


  • The designer allows you to configure awards of any complexity, from simple discounts to multi-level complex bonus programs. The logic of charging rewards to program participants takes into account various financial models. A participant in the loyalty program can have one of several levels of participation in the submarine (card type).
  • Rules for calculating remuneration under the Loyalty Program can provide incentives for sales of individual goods, customers or customer segments; on the whole network or locally on the points of sales, taking into account the factors: day of the week and time of day; point of sale, region, partner; the status of the participant; groups and subgroups of the goods; Transaction amount (with / without discount); amounts on the loyalty card; quantities or amounts of purchases.
  • Rewards can be accrued both automatically and manually at the checkout to resolve service incidents, the introduction of pre-sales and cross-sales at the checkout.
  • Construction of automatic mechanics cross-sale and up-sale.
  • There are mechanisms for additional accruals: on the day of birth; Scheduled; on a separate list.
  • Instant implementation of activities: permanent, temporary, parallel, non-conflicting shares within the framework of a submarine, with the possibility of accumulation, monopoly, priority.
  • Working with the designer does not require a long training specialist. All changes are made by the administrator without the use of program code, at the level of changing menu items, fields of cards and setting up representations of bonus points and / or discounts.
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