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General questions about CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365
What is a CRM system?

Customer Relationship Management System CRM, CRM-system - application software for organizations, designed to automate strategies for interaction with customers (customers), in particular, to improve sales, optimize marketing. Improve customer service by storing customer information and the history of relationships with them, the establishment and improvement of business procedures and the subsequent analysis of the results.

Who needs a CRM system?

Companies that seek to bring order and system (to formulate regulations) in the form of clear corporate standards in the processes of sales, marketing and service. Leaders who want to influence the achievement of business goals (as, at least, sales plans), measuring and controlling the intermediate results. Managers (middle managers) who require a comprehensive information space and convenient tools for automating operations.

How will CRM bring me customers?

The main purpose of the basic system is the automation of processes (including lidogeneration, including using social media), as well as more effective development of relationships (transaction procedures and support tools), customer retention through regular marketing communications and quality service without involving additional staff resources, with the possibility of full control of each action.

Will Microsoft Dynamics 365 "lie down" for my business?

Of course! A flexible platform for the development of functions allows you to customize the system for your business needs.

General questions about implemention
How long does it take to implement a CRM system?

Depending on the tasks, the implementation projects can take from 1 to 12 months to the business processes and resources of the Customer. At the same time, when renting the system (subscription to the online version), you get a ready-to-use basic solution in the shortest possible time (determined by the time of subscription). And we will implement the training and the minimum necessary adjustments in a week. In addition, CRM is a constant development. In our practice, there are Clients who consistently and systematically develop the automation of processes according to the growing needs for business development. For more information about how we implement CRM, please read here

How much it cost?

Basic configuration and training for the users and the system administrator we perform for free. The price of the system consists of the cost of licenses and work on additional configuration and implementation.

Is it difficult to learn?

The intuitive user-friendly interface and interaction logic make the system simple to use. In addition, we talk as much as possible about the system before buying (renting) and conduct training by certified consultants after.

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Can I link CRM to telephony?

It is possible and also it is a necessary. We are ready to integrate CRM both with your existing system and offer ready-made solutions on the platform of Skype for Business and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

For which industries and types of business is the system suitable?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 embodies universal management practices in the business process automation system at the level of business logic of the whole complex of relations with the Client, including related processes and operations. At the same time, the platform assumes simplicity and flexibility of settings at the level of objects, rules or processes of the system. In the basic solution, in addition to ready-made modules, you get a designer that allows you to configure the system "for yourself" either independently or with the help of external experts. Also, you can use ready-made solutions with industry or functional specifics from Microsoft partners.

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