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Management of transport movements

The transport module covers a full cycle of work on creating a template for the transport route, as well as calculating its cost. Microsoft Dynamics 365 freely integrates with all major mapping services.

Management of transport movements

How it works?

  • The use of cartographic services allows marking control points on the map with markers, tracing the route of movement between them with a single click, and "pulling" information into CRM as a reference point for control points.

  • It provides the ability to quickly and comfortably create templates of traffic routes for scheduling traffic patterns, parking lots, checkpoints, trajectory, length and cost of transportation.

  • Significantly reduces the amount of routine work to create flights by using route options with all the source information as templates.

  • Logging of problematic cargoes with the help of applications at each of the following warehouses allows you to determine the warehouse (checkpoint) at which the cargo was damaged, as well as track the dynamics of the change in the problem cargo, which serves as an additional tool for official investigations.

  • Allows you to quickly identify the causes of deviations in the flight on the basis of a comparison of planned and actual flight parameters.

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