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"Each company is a unique living organism, with its own history, traditions, statute and often formed well-established process of doing things. BUT! Management companies usually only work at the plant, and often the managers of the enterprise is the first and only place of work. They are so accustomed to its foundations, it can not give a comparative assessment of what process they have advanced and efficient, and which interferes with the operation. Man, several years from morning till evening decisive one and the same problem, it is often difficult to break away and analyze what is happening from a different angle, and get a neutral assessment of the effectiveness and quality of the organization of labor and business. To do this, and there is "E-Consulting", which is constantly studying the advanced experience of domestic and foreign companies involved in innovative projects and can provide modern and quality assessment of the level of organization of processes to formalize existing processes, make the necessary adjustments, document and automate management. The result of our work is a diagram of processes, job descriptions and automated computer control system schedules the download resources, personnel, monitoring the timeliness of performance elements

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